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In a talk presented in April of this year, Mir Izgadda stated that an earthquake in North America would occur in the month of October followed by violent weather. Apparently this occurred as He prophesied as we can see with the very recent events affecting Canada and the East Coast…

Questions 1. What do we do? We study the Holy Book of Light regularly. We read it daily. If possible, individuals establish and conduct a weekly or monthly study group using the Holy Book and supportive documents such as articles. We share the Message of Light and our hope and joy concerning the Light as […]

The Manichaean Ten Commandments 1. You shall worship the One God and not commit yourself to the worship of idols; not bowing down to physical objects or ideals in order to worship them. 2. You shall not be dishonest in your ways. 3. You shall not be greedy. 4. You shall not murder a man, […]

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